You would not expect a 2D game nowadays, right? Well, this one is something new and interesting. It's a game type: 2D Beat 'em up and with all that blood and comic-like appearance it seems like a powerful combination.

        The main character is Shank an ultimate killing machine, he got his name by a set of prison knifes. And he is carrying them always also with an addition of chainsaw on his back and two guns. But the most fearful thing about him is his character.

        Well, you probably know the plot. Usually guy loses girlfriend as she is killed by a bunch of bullies and afterward our characters goes to "kill 'em all" tactic. Although you may not be over impressed by gameplay, you will be with cut-scenes. As I don't wanna be a spoiler, you find out the rest of the story. Also get your self a joypad as you will find it hard to control over keyboard as there is many buttons for play.

        If you want this game, you can buy it on Steam for about 15$, and it's pretty cheap for a relatively new game... And for those of you who can't afford to buy (like me) here you can download it.

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