Winter Sports 2011

        Let me tell you, I expected more, much more from this game. Truly I am disappointed with this 2011 game, but since it's only winter game, we must be pleased. If you like winter games you should try this anyway 'cause there isn't more games about skiing and jumping.

        We have 9 disciplines in this game:
- Bobsled
- Snowboard Cross
- Speed Skating
- Biathlon
- Freestyle Skiing
- Downhill
- Ski Flying
- Figure Skating
- Snowmobile

        I recommend you to train first as you need to get accustomed by buttons. Probably as you don't have numbers on buttons it will be problematic to play disciplines like Figure Skating. There's also quick cup where you can set up your own cup and of course a career.
        Many of us are still missing games like SKI Springen from 2007 with not so good graphics but with a great gameplay. As I don't want to bother you about this game 'cause it has no head and no tail. We can agree that graphics are okay, sound is an average.

        Overall 3/10. And it's my rating. Maybe you'll like this one. One advice also... don't waste your time downloading this...