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        Hi everybody. On your upper right side of screen is a poll... so please vote and help me learn how do you find us. There are 4 possible choices so pick one... it takes less than a second. First choice is Search Engines, so if you typed something or gamesoft on your google, yahoo or any other click this. If you have bookmarked us or you typed url in your address bar click Direct. Next one is Referring sites, so if you saw our link somewhere on the web this is your choice. And the last one is Other...

        My Intention here is not to insult anyone's knowledge or to tutor you. It's just a simple way to encourage you to vote and to develop more popular site. Thank you all.

        Closing: I've impressed with continuous visitors from all over the world. especially from U.S. and Europe. Soon I'll need administrators so feel free to apply by contacting us. mailto: