SBK X Superbike World Championship 2010

One of the best moto games... along with MotoGP.

         Game contains two modes: simulation and arcade. Within each of the modes, you can play a quick race, a full championship, time attack and of course, there are full story modes. To Black Bean's credit, while the other modes are fairly standard, the story modes are actually quite different.
        The story in Arcade Mode is much more focused on progression and completing challenges. There are six categories to complete, and the challenges get progressively harder.
        Simulation Mode is much different, as it allows players to play a career. Players take a custom-made rider and sign for a team. The team sets realistic objectives based on performance, and at the start, their expectations are very low.

        Some will disagree but this game has great graphic and gameplay level. You should try this game, whether you like or don't like motorbikes.
And of course we got game links on our FB page under discussions. There are 22 links with 100MB each.