Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines (PC)

Commandos is all about World War II...

        Commandos contains 20 missions and they're all somehow big. While there is best scenario to win, you can always be creative and aviod certain things. And because they're well designed and open-ended, you'll want to play most of them more than once. I finished this game several times.

        Any of these missions can be attempted with five other players, and you must finish level with all players. Each responsible for at least a single troop. Almost all missions will require complete silence and may be to hard at first but reviewing your tactics can help. I have found links for this game and since i don't want to brake any rules of copywriting they will be on our facebook page in discussions. Estimated game size is about 200MB.

        If you experience any problems in gameplay try running game in compatibility mode for windows 95 or 98.