Mafia II

        From the developers of award-winning Mafia, comes Mafia II. Expanding the original hit that got around 2 mil. players from across the world. 2K Czech made action-packed gameplay with gun play, car chases and hand combat as well. Game was created to replicate a feel of 40's and as you play some elements will change.

        Mafia II casts you as Vito Scaletta in 1945, a young Italian who returns from World War II to find his mother and sister with debts. Like any gangster, Vito decides he doesn't want a low life of the slums and goes down the organized crime route to make some cash. All of this is going on in Empire Bay, a New York town packed with people, cops, cars and collectable Playboy magazines.

        Along with Vito's old friend Joe you start robbing stores, black market sales and other jobs which will help you to get in to the mob. As with almost any open-world game, you can make your own fun and pursue a few side activities like collecting Playboy magazines. Otherwise, you simply move from one story mission to the next without following any tangents along the way. There are no side missions to take. You can sell vehicles, but there isn't much to do with the funds you earn. Visit a gub shop to buy weapons which you can collect from enemies and some outfits.

        The good news is that the missions are generally excellent and emphasize game play, shooting, hand-to-hand combat, and stealth. The shooting is similar to what you would find in a third-person cover shooter. Most encounters are best tackled by sliding into cover behind a wall or under a window and popping out to blast away at your potty-mouthed enemies with a tommy gun, or peeking out long enough to lodge a bullet in your foe's brain with a Magnum.

        I completed this game in a short time, maybe they should put more missions in it... btw excellent game indeed. 8/10.