PES 2011 - My ReView

        Maybe most interesting debate today... what's the best football game today. Many guys will say PES, while some will say FIFA.

        Despite being PES fan i can say that Konami really tried this time, they've got some new licences (again without Bundes League), new gameplay, menus, tricks... and let's not forget licenced UEFA Champions League and UEFA League. As expected many of players names are wrong (licences again) but with patches you can fix this and many other issues.
First time i played it was really difficult and hard to score, but soon on top level beating other teams was actually easy. Soon i tried Master League and i was impressed with all new look, features, modes etc. But again it was interesting for few hours... in my first season i won 2nd CL place, Liga BBVA, Cup.
        What can be said? It's interesting if you have buddies around you 24/7 but single play could be better, a way better. PES is top game today regardless of many many bugs, and can compete with FIFA but not for long... if they continue like this.
Despite many negatives i love this game, it's best, no matter how FIFA is good... there is something magical in PES. :)

KONAMI please tell me why do you hate mouses? Scared or something?