Card Games - Poker

        I recently started watching full tilt poker on TV and sometimes PokerStars and it's really great pleasure to watch professionals play. It's almost impossible to play if you are from smaller countries so i know poker is not my destiny.

        Thanks to many social networks and their games we have opportunity to play with thousands players from all over the world with no money on the stake. I became pretty addicted to Texas Hold 'em, although it is not so popular around here... people here usually play slot poker.
Let's take for example Zynga. They managed to get more than 300.000 online players with many of them buying chips and (illegally) reselling them. I know a lot of guys with few hundreds of millions... and guess what? They have their own business developed, and they earn big bucks. This is a big problem for zynga these days along with hackers stealing accounts every day.
You can protect your self by hiding your email, and never answer messages claiming they have big bonus for you etc. or maybe you can log in with your myspace account or yahoo.

        My advice for every player is: don't share your personal info with anyone, never use money for online poker, and keep your temper in tact.

        Facebook can offer many card games but this one is surely most popular, If you like to try it HERE is a link for facebook users.