Prince of Persia (1990)

        Not many games survived for this long... it's about 20 years since first POP (Prince of Persia). I remember this game was so popular then maybe even more than it is today.

        Prince of Persia is a unofficial version of Jordan Mechner's game that starts off the same as the original version but will stump even action veterans with harder level design and tougher enemies. Prince of Persia was a hit in 1990, and is today still regarded as one of the best games ever made. Story is "save the lady" type but very hard to finish. I bet 90% of gamers can't finish all levels. For example: I completed F.E.A.R., Tomb Raider AoD, Underworld etc. but this one... i found too tough...

        You can move with cursors, jump with space and fight with sword by pressing shift or take some items. Well that's it, other information you'll find during gameplay... and you might even meet the princess.

Download game by clicking HERE.