Back on Track

        Hi everybody and I'm sorry to be away for so long, I even forgot to update site :). These days we bumped to NFS World... Maybe not good as Shift or Hot Pursuit but it will entertain you for hours and hours. Many of you already know it's multiplayer game so forget about single playing although you can play but not recommended.
        There are 50 levels and 3 Tiers so prepare to race and prepare to be rammed occasionally as many drivers tend to destroy your car rather then pass you. I recommend you to take free car in tier 1 for start and it's Mazda 3, when you level up enough take Mazda RX 7... and tier 3 is up to you.
        Many guys use cheats like speed hacks etc. and if you see that someone finished race when you are on 50% of the track just try to finish on time and he'll be after you. One suggestion also... don't cheat ever, it will take you all pleasure of gaming.