Black Ops

       What can i say? Probably many of us expected something marvelous, something better but I feel COD hasn't progressed much. First time I started this game, I was so frustrated for not being able to skip cinematics and I thought this is only start up screen... but guess what, you cannot skip any video through all game.

       I will not speak about multiplayer because it's different kind of play but from what I have seen in single play it's disappointing. This opinion is only my opinion so try game before you buy it. :)

        Pros: Grapshics - Excellent, every time it's better and better. Sound is above average with usual ambient music. Story, although it's similar to other games in this serial, we can be content. Gameplay is also good but sometimes you'll feel that you are just watching movies with few minutes of playing.
        Cons: Weapons, there are new weapons but nowhere similar to ones from earlier games. AK47 for example it's so difficult to aim, while in COD4 it's one of the sharpest. Cinematics - Boring, boring, and once again boring... no button to skip? C'mon.

        Conclusion: Like Jerry would say... final thought. Let's hope for a multiplayer crack in the future as online gaming is way better than single play. AlterIWnet? Who knows? Buy this game if you like it...