Setting Up F1 2010

        If you wish to play F1 2010 online but you don't wanna buy game... there's a solution. Although I recommend buying for official stores, many of us just don't have enough money.

- Download F1 2010 Patch - Extract and Install (Patch Download).
- Tunngle Beta - Install, Register and keep it running while you play (Tunngle Download).
- Teknoqods - Download and paste in your game folder (Tekno Download).(DLLLoad).

        After you patched your game, start tunngle (register first) and enter sports/f12010 room. Then you need to start Teknohelper and don't forget to download DLLLoad also. I tried without this DLL but it cannot start if you don't have it. After you start Teknohelper click on TAP adapter and click Automatic mode (Client) and wait. You should see Adapter ready: ok, Registry Key Set: ok, DLL Loader: ok, and game start will not change. Then you start your game. When you get to the game menu select multiplayer but do not enter yet. Press F12 and keep pressed until that lady finishes. Then enter multiplayer and select LAN. Then find session and join. When you join just select ready and play.

        Important notice: if you are unable to find any sessions try to press F12 while searching and if your game stops responding you'll need to restart teknohelper and load it from start.

        If you have any problems you post it as a comment. I'll be more than happy to answer it. I am playing this game without any problems.