rFactor Formula

        After playing COD 4 recently I wanted to take a rest from shooting by playing some simulations. Although I have been playing F1 Codemasters.... rFactor came into my sight few days ago.


         After watching youtube clips I can tell you.... this game could have better graphics, and some will say its disastrous but I wouldn't go that far. Thing that interest me in this one is multiplayer. You can join up with your friends and play single or championship races, while many guys host tournaments and you can play them weekly. For beginners I would advise you to go to some racing sites or forums like a www.nogripracing.com and register. There you can find all game related news along with patches, fixes and most importantly racing schedules. Here is the official rFactor site www.rfactor.net.


        This game hasn't impressed me the way I imagined but I'll give it a try. More news on how to play and setup multiplayer will be available soon. Currently I'm looking to find download links for rFactor.