NFS Most Wanted

        One of the games that marked this decade. It's based on the same story like Underground 1 and 2, featuring street races and tuned engines. 

        At the beggining of the game you have BMW M3 GTR and one guy named Razor challenges you to a race. He fixed the race by putting something in your fuel, and your car eventually stops because of engine failure. After that he's taking your car. Of course... as expected you need to take your ride back and to get it you start with some crappy car. Then you need to win races, buy other cars and go to beat all guys on blacklist. Whenever you beat someone from blacklist you will have opportunity to take their car by choosing the right pink slip.


        Car can be tuned any way you like... you can add custom paints, rims, spoilers and many more. You'll certainly enjoy while you make your ultimate racing machine. I spent a lot of time in the garage... :)

        I see no point to talk about every detail of this game... just try it. Maybe today many will say it's an oldie. But one of the best from NFS series. Here are the links if you want to download.
Part 3