Need For Speed: Underground 2


        NFS Underground was a surprise hit made by EA Games who pushed NFS Serial back on track. NFS U2 is inspired by "Fast an Furious" movie and so many things from tv screen was transferred to the game.

        Plot is not amazing as you may think. You will read it like a comic book, something like you saw in Max Payne. One of the things here is that while you play you'll unlock new areas of the town with many more tracks, races, car mods and much more. Now there are many street races and you'll have to find 'em, or you can race a guy who thinks he is better than you. You may also notice many in-game ads like a Burger King, Old Spice etc.

        Car driving is arcade and arcade only as you can't damage car, I recommend you to drive on hardest level if you want to enjoy. Nevertheless I love drifting and Draging here and other race modes as this was in that time probably the best racing game. Download link is HERE.