Age of Empires

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        This game is one of my favorites. Age of Empires series will guide you from stone age to modern age, providing you with a lot of entertainment while you build your forts, armies, stables etc. I personally don't believe there is a guy who never heard of AoE. First AoE was in that time a true hit, although I wouldn't recommend anybody to play it nowadays. If you have slow pc you can try Rise of Nations. Today we have AoE III and that's the game we'll talk about today.

As you start AoE 3 you'll know you're going to love it. Although it's 3rd part at the start it's the same old story... you have a little town and you start by building it.
        Game starts at the beginning of colonization of America and what I like about this game is that you don't need to carry resources or build a hundred farms. Economy will rise as you collect them anywhere on the map. Surprisingly there's no stones to collect and now you can intercept trade routes and collect those resources. In this AoE your enemy will not have great advantage if he is in newer age. For example: In the past serials you could crush your enemy if he's not advanced on time.
        This time we have dialogues, great story with a lot of action and interaction with characters and environment. 

        Graphics are really good this time, while sound could be better and it's based on previous games. While this game deserves 9/10 it could earn much more if there was better path finding, a classic AoE issue. Happy playing.