Nitro Stunt Racing

        One of my favorites...


        After you play NFS, GRID or any other simulation games you may need something to have P U R E fun. Nitro Stunt Racing... developed by Game Seed is just what you need... roads are like a rollercoasters and cars like F1 bolids.

        First screen usually generates first impression and menus are like from windows 3.11. Graphics are generally bad and should be improved dramatically, sound is awful. But anyway this game has "something" unusual that makes you wanna play. You will not have many options until you unlock, so play championship as soon as possible.

        After all I said, you may ask: why this game is one of my favorites? And answer is simple - play and you'll see. If you want to download this is Part 1 and Part 2. Pass is s7or4x.