Codemasters Formula 1 (2010)

Jeof Crammond made GP4 and it was top game till now...

        In most cases i found out about a game when it is released but this one i waited for a long time... After seeing youtube clips and some screenshots i've been anxious to try it. And the moment came...
        I downloaded game because it's hard here in Bosnia to find a original... here is some kind of dreamland for pirates. But i encourage you to buy at official stores. 

       After playing Racegrid, DiRT and other codemasters games... this one is light years in front. Its so amazing how geometry is so similar to GP4. For the first time I played, i drove like  an expert on melbourne and interlagos for example...
I haven't read about game much and i don't have any info on creators or anything like that but i can say for sure... many, many things are copied from Grand Prix 4.

        Everything from brake balance to gear ratios, downforce, ride height, tyres are tweakable in F1 2010. More distant followers of the sport will be equally glad to hear that you can get your Engineer to deal with all of these complicated settings through a 'Quick Car Setup'. Likewise, gamers can opt for either the full race weekend or a 'short' one during the championship season. You can select what weekend you'll be driving... short, medium or long. One of the nice things in this game is that you can't select McLaren or RedBull and go through career... you must prove yourself with a Lotus. Then you can try to get contract from better teams and challenge for a title.

        I started playing on medium and pretty soon i won championship and medium was to easy so soon... next level require manual shifting so i got wheels. One of the negatives is that many of wheelpads aren't supported and its hard to configure it. I also tried joypad but it wasn't to be.

        This game like all other codemasters games has that flashback option. And maybe many guys think this is great... if i make a mistake i can repeat and continue. But its a thing i don't like.... after i while i started using flashbacks on every occasion and i got bored because i was the only driver on the track who is driving perfectly. After every good result (1st,2nd or 3rd place) you will give interviews... nice stuff. But only feedback you'll get is something like a "team is satisfied how you handled the press". And this can influence your reputation as a driver. 
One of the stupid things here is crashes.... its seems that only damage you can do is lose front wings or maybe in some cases one wheel or two.

        It's decent enough for a first attempt but we're certainly hoping for more detail when Codemasters Birmingham releases its next F1 game.
 I found some links for F1 download... it's ripped game without installation... and once again if you like this game buy it.