Can you do Black Ops

        After great games like mw and mw2... we got 7th in the series. Let's begin with a review:
You are Alex and you are being interrogated for the info you cannot remember... and like in the assassins creed you dig up your memories to find it. Black Ops makes its better from MW 2 by adding CoD Points. Earning experience points you can unlock more custom class slots, new modes to play, weapons and bonuses for purchase. Everything else (weapons, killstreak bonuses, emblems) is bought with CoD Points.

        I downloaded game recently and haven't played much... but i can't wait to hear that sexy voice of Emmanuelle Chriqui... wow you must remember her from "You don't mess with the Zohan" and "100 Girls". I can never forget that face :)))

 Isn't she adorable?